Amid new cleaning procedures, LFT still flying

View of the current Lafayette Regional Airport terminal from the second level of the new terminal under construction in December Photo courtesy The Acadiana Advocate

While the Lafayette Regional Airport is taking major cleaning precautions to account for the COVID-19 outbreak, flights are still going in and out of the airport as of Tuesday morning, according to the LFT website. 

While LFT has yet to make any changes to flight service, it is changing the airport’s cleaning procedures to focus on areas that are touched most frequently, LFT Executive Director Steven Picou said in a press release Friday.

“We are increasing the frequency of these cleanings,” Picou said.

Picou noted all cleaning will be done with antibacterial and antiviral cleaning supplies. 

In the airport lobbies, cleaning staff are focusing on:

  •  non-automated doors, counters, kiosks, trash cans, seats, baggage carts, boarding pass scanners and screening trays. 

In restrooms:

  • doors and latches, flush valves, non-automated fixtures, countertops. 

In gate areas:

  • special attention to seats and armrests, counters and trash bins. 

Staff is cleaning the doors and handrails in the boarding bridges more frequently than usual, and, in common areas focusing on concession tables and chairs, wheelchairs, trash bins, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, phones and touch screen directories. 

While LFT had no plan to end flight service as of Monday, those with questions about possible flight cancelations should contact their airline directly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends potential travelers consider whether coronavirus is spreading where they are going or where they live, as well as whether they or someone they live with is susceptible to severe illness. This includes people who are elderly or have chronic medical conditions like diabetes, lung disease or heart disease. The CDC also recommends those who choose to travel during the outbreak be prepared to miss work if they catch the virus. 

Robert Callahan, LFT’s media representative, is unaware if the coronavirus has caused many trip cancelations for the airport during March, but said February was no different in terms of cancelations.

“I can tell you at the end of February it was flat. It was almost the same as the previous February,” Callahan said.

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