Boulet, councils silent on Pride Month

More than halfway through June, Lafayette Consolidated Government has yet to formally recognize Pride Month. LGBTQ+ advocates publicly petitioned Mayor-President Monique Boulet and the City Council at this week’s council meeting and drew no response from council members or Boulet.

Former M-P Josh Guillory faced annual criticism and pressure for refusing to issue a Pride Month proclamation, at one point defending his decision by calling the issue “needlessly divisive.” The City Council instead issued Pride proclamations in 2022 and 2023 but has yet to do so this year.

Proclamations are routine for LCG. This week, Lafayette raised a Juneteenth flag and LCG observed bike month among other celebrations in May.

Boulet, who campaigned on transparency, has yet to publicly state her view on the Pride. She declined to comment on the matter this week to The Advocate.

Other public agencies have observed Pride month. Lafayette Travel has curated a list of Pride Month events. And Downtown Lafayette has decorated Jefferson Street with Pride Month flags ahead of the Pride Acadiana festival June 29.

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