Author: Geoff Daily

Geoff Daily created FiberCorps and helped launch the Lafayette General Foundation. He now works as a launch strategist.

Perspective: Katie Hebert UHC's CEO explains the hospital's vital role to the health of Lafayette’s economy and its people.

UHC’s CEO says losing the hospital would deal a devastating blow not only to Lafayette’s economy but also the region’s poorest population.

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Closing UHC will open up a world of hurt on Lafayette’s economy It should be a non-starter. Not a bargaining chip.

If Lafayette loses UHC, our community will be sicker, poorer, weaker, and less able to dig our way out of the $10 billion economic hole we find ourselves in now.

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Lafayette’s $10 billion economic problem

Lafayette needs to replace $10 billion in local GDP in the next five years or risk losing an entire generation of thinkers and doers.

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