Christiaan Mader

Christiaan Mader founded The Current in 2018, reviving the brand from a short-lived culture magazine he created for Lafayette publisher INDMedia. An award-winning investigative and culture journalist, Christiaan’s work as a writer and reporter has appeared in The New York Times, Vice, Offbeat, Gambit, and The Advocate.
Link to Jules Edwards wins runoff for Lafayette city court judge  (opens in new window)

Edwards, a retired 15th Judicial District Court judge, defeated Roya Boustany, a felony prosecutor in the 15th Judicial District Court district attorney’s office, Saturday in a city-wide runoff to fill the vacancy created a year ago when Michelle Odinet resigned under pressure after a home video surfaced of her using a racial slur to describe an alleged burglar at her home.

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Link to Councils to consider ordinance repealing public records fees imposed by Guillory administration (opens in new window)

Set to be introduced next week, the ordinance adopts a new policy for handling public records requests, along with a bill of rights, and eliminates fees for sending records electronically. Under intense press scrutiny, the Guillory administration had imposed a $1 per page fee to email public records earlier this year, drawing a legal challenge from The Current and The Advocate.

The ordinance also establishes a records clerk position within the council office to handle requests.

Source: The Advocate

Link to After winning its biggest victory, here’s what comes next for Louisiana’s anti-abortion group  (opens in new window)

Louisiana Right to Life — the state’s most powerful anti-abortion group — has been celebrating a victory it’s spent over 50 years fighting to achieve, but it wants to go further. It wants to end an exception to the ban that allows for abortions for so-called “medically futile” pregnancies in the next legislative session.

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Link to Gulf South dealing with ‘tripledemic’ of Covid, flu, RSV as holidays near  (opens in new window)

Coronavirus is not the only concern this year. Alabama Department of Health medical officer Wes Stubblefield warns of a “tripledemic” as two other respiratory illnesses are circulating around, too — influenza and the highly contagious respiratory syncytial virus, better known as RSV. Stubblefield said the age group most affected by the flu has been 5-24 year-olds.

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