Aaron Staten

Former Candidate for City Council District 5

Your Questions,

How will you increase the presence of police patrols to combat violent crime and drug activity in our district?

Aaron Staten

1. Making sure we keep police pay competitive so we stop losing officers, which has been a major priority, according to various members of the Lafayette PD.
2. Enhancing neighborhood & community policing.
3. Focused Deterrence, which includes getting everyone involved: law enforcement, social services, and community mobilization. Requesting a commitment from the Mayor and other community leaders on this issue.
4. Creating and/or increasing the impact of a community anti-drug coalition.
5. Engaging & working with the PD and professionals on strategies that have worked for us, and how we can enhance those and other measures.
6. Research and implement programs like the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program, which is the only Federal drug prevention program that provides funding directly to local communities to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth. It is funded by a federal grant. (Not raising your taxes)
7. Introducing new and building upon current youth-based economic opportunities and mentorship programs.

How you will provide better access to quality housing and address delinquent and predatory property owners?

Aaron Staten

1. By introducing smart resolutions and ordinances. Example, an ordinance requiring all rentals be registered, livable, and inspected yearly: accountability.
2. Meeting with current developers and prospective developers on how we can improve regulations to produce quality housing in accordance with the community's voiced expectations.

How you will navigate competing interests and opinions on hot-button social issues that periodically come before local government?

Aaron Staten

With the truth and facts of the matter. Also sticking with our priorities, what my platform has lined out, while also making sure the taxpayer gets their voice heard, and needs relayed to the best option. I don't give up on the people and their issues.

How will you improve the conditions of our roads and provide accessible and more diverse transportation options like public transit and safe paths for bikes and pedestrians?

Aaron Staten

1. Using experience learned from programs like "Rebuild Lafayette North," a '90s quasi-government entity investing over $106 million in infrastructure, I plan to use various financial tools, including federal grants and matching funds, to fix as well as upgrade roads and infrastructure. All without raising taxes.

2. Consulting with experts in the craft like Andre Angelle, president of Bike Lafayette, a cycling advocacy organization that focuses on education, safety, infrastructure, and community in Acadiana, on the most efficient ways to provide safe paths for bikes and pedestrians.

How you will you work to reverse economic decline and bring access to good jobs and better housing in our district?

Aaron Staten

1. Work with existing entities to further enhance their current efforts (including coteries, non-profits, and community-driven organizations).
2. Creation of a Technology Center housed on the Northside that will include educational pursuits, job training, and certification with starting pays of $40k-$140k+ a year.
3. Use my experience in past successful housing projects like Bayberry Point Apartments (Lafayette), McKnight Manor Apartments (Opelousas), and Horizon Ln (Lafayette) to improve regulations for current local housing developers. With non-discrimination to developer or organization; carefully weighing the costs and benefits of various incentives, while evaluating them relative to the cost of meeting specific housing requirements.

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