Nancy Marcotte

Former Candidate for Mayor-President

Your Questions,

How will you provide better transparency, accountability and efficacy in consolidated government generally and manage the politics of government by two councils?

How will you increase patrols in neighborhoods that suffer high concentrations of violent crime and drug activity?

How will you provide access to more transportation options such as bike and pedestrian infrastructure and public transit?

How will you address costly land use development patterns that have made our community more vulnerable to environmental and economic disaster?

How will you use your position of influence to improve our schools?

How will you improve the quality of life for our community’s most disadvantaged, provide good housing and address widespread blight, litter and vacancy on Lafayette’s Northside?

What changes to the parish budget and tax structure will you consider to stabilize finances, meet state mandated expenses and invest in parish infrastructure?

How will you diversify the local economy and bring prosperity both parishwide and into the city’s urban core?

How will you achieve economic and environmental sustainability in improving and maintaining our roads and our electric, water and wastewater utilities?

What will you do to invest in drainage infrastructure and develop policies and strategies for stormwater management in both the city and parish?

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