Editorial Policy

Editorial Independence and Underwriters

The Current’s independent journalism is in part supported by advertising, grants and sponsorships. We’ll call the providers of these revenues “underwriters.”

As a revenue stream, underwriters provide an essential fuel to our core work. By choosing to support The Current financially, underwriters acknowledge the civic utility of independent journalism to the health and development of the community.

In an effort to maintain transparency, The Current discloses without exception underwriters who have provided funds in excess of $1,000. We do not accept donations from elected officials, candidates for public office or political parties. We strive to do business only with commercial and foundational partners who share our values of transparency and honest inquiry. Here’s a list of our sponsors.

Underwriters exercise no undue influence over The Current’s operational focus. Our editorial staff reserves full discretion over the topics we cover, the angles we take and, when applicable, the conclusions we reach. In the event that an underwriter is quoted, referenced, described or is otherwise a subject of our work, no “sign off” or discretionary privilege is provided.

Our journalism is not for sale.

Professional Conduct and Ethics

On an individual basis, The Current’s journalists conduct themselves according to the code of ethics outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists. No quid pro quo is permitted between The Current’s journalists and the people or organizations they cover. The Current discloses any conflicts of interest, erring on the side of transparency and forbearance when borderline cases arise.

The Current will at times use confidential sources. Information gathered from sources who wish to remain nameless is verified rigorously by our staff.


Journalism is messy even without the duress of deadlines. When prompted by readers or when we discover an error ourselves, we will immediately act to correct and/or clarify the story and make note of those changes to readers.