Lafayette has a river. Why no river walk?

Lafayette doesn’t have a riverwalk like San Antonio or Chattanooga, or lots of other cities for that matter. Why, exactly, is that the case?

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Shelter from the storm Councilwoman Liz Hebert launches a program to cover Lafayette's bus stops.

Councilwoman Liz Webb Hebert is launching a public-private partnership, called “Adopt A Stop” to speed the process of covering the city’s bus stops.

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Will this Downtown venue fill the rock and roll gap? A new club takes a stab at restoring Lafayette's lost tour stop glory.

The Pearl, a planned venue affiliated with New Orleans music house One Eyed Jacks, will open Downtown this spring, the third stage announced or opened in the district in the last year.

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A Zydeco Heiress Sandra Davis of the Broussard Sisters Juré explains why tradition matters.

Sandra Davis of the Broussard Sisters Juré explains why tradition matters.

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What the self-storage boom says about us and the things we won’t let go.

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Finding Magic In Kolkata

Author Shome Dasgupta’s latest collection of short stories hearkens to the slum-world surrealism of Gabriel García Márquez. Kolkata is Dasgupta’s Columbia.

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Fiction: Samosa

The following story appears in Anklet and Other Stories, a collection of short fiction by Lafayette-based author Shome Dasgupta published in 2017.

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Big Oil And The Deep Story

In her nonfiction bestseller, sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild dives into bayou country, where systematic industrial pollution has devastated residents so completely they’ve come to accept environmental blight as an unavoidable fact of life.

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The Gopsel According To Jane Jacobs

What communities like Lafayette have learned about city building from the pioneering urbanist.

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Lexington To Lafayette

Lafayette can be the next great American city. But only if we recognize that we can’t build consensus in a vacuum.

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Not Far From The Tree

I told Greg Guirard I wanted my table to rise from the swamp. I wanted creatures to delight my grandchildren. I wanted art.

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Francis Pavy’s One-man Press

“It would be nice to have some oysters that big, huh?” quips Francis Pavy, the childlike blues of his eyes lusting over his own creation. The object of his desire — a plus-sized oyster etched into a 3-foot-by-4-foot slab of composite vinyl — is a custom-print block, a particularly appetizing example of Pavy’s preferred method of application for his vivacious […]

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