How will you promote sustainable economic development that doesn’t add to consolidated government’s financial burden, and diversify the local economy?

Abraham ‘AB’ Rubin Jr.

Abraham ‘AB’ Rubin Jr. never responded.

James Thomas
James Thomas
Candidate for Parish Council District 5

In order to tackle economic development in our district, we have to tackle crime also. Crime cripples economic development. It cripples our educational system. Major companies want to move their companies and employees where there are safer neighborhoods and discretionary income, which we have not had in District 5 in a long time. District 5 has a high crime and high poverty rate. I have a plan to work with our citizens to help empower them to get out of poverty and earn a better living wage. I will partner with our local school board to make sure I can provide any assistance as a legislator. I want us to follow models of other cities that have faced the same issues we are and bring those tools back to District 5 so we can use them and grow from them.