How you will increase the presence of police patrols to combat violent crime and drug activity in our district?

Abraham ‘AB’ Rubin Jr.

Abraham ‘AB’ Rubin Jr. never responded.

James Thomas
James Thomas
Candidate for Parish Council District 5

I will make sure that I work with our first responders, particularly with our great city police department. My job as a legislator is to make laws that will support our police department. Making sure we can give them the necessary tools they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. We have to make sure we have competitive pay standards so we don't lose them to other parishes or agencies. We need to work with their crime-stats division and use that data to make sure we are directing those necessary resources toward the areas in the district that need them the most. I plan to bridge the gap between our police department and all our neighborhood organizations to ensure that community policing is working at its best.