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Acadiana Symphony Orchestra goes virtual in a season of chaos and uncertainty — for its musicians

This season’s REVIVAL theme is a musical balm for a community in pain and a much-needed effort to keep the symphony’s players playing.

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One creative solution for Lafayette’s pandemic school year: learning pods with art teachers

Even with the school year pushing the start date back to Sept. 8, parents are backed into a difficult corner: Send your child back to school and risk getting sick or keep them at home for online learning and face an entirely different host of challenges. Local performing arts organization Wonderland Performing Arts has developed a potential solution: learning pods. 

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Living through Covid in Louisiana French

In interviews with Cajun elders, UL archivists explore the experience and expression of the pandemic in Louisiana French.

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At Vermilionville, a reckoning with cultural exclusion

Vermilionville has made strides in presenting a more comprehensive portrayal of the Acadiana’s history. Change at the museum, however, is a work in progress.

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How to plan a performing arts season during a pandemic — Q&A with AcA’s Clayton Shelvin

AcA’s talent buyer talks the challenges of planning for the unexpected and how to attack the notion of the performing arts as a “white space.”

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A seat at the (Lafayette comedy) table

Local comedians and performers want to build a more inclusive scene in world dominated by “white dudes with beards.”

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Mask up to pass a good time at the Hideaway Kitchen

The scene may have changed at the Hideaway, but the food and the vibe haven’t.

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‘Have you ever heard of a black man with a cheese knife?’ — A conversation with artist Cory Stewart

His Acadiana Black Pride Flag has caught on as a local symbol of solidarity with the nation’s swelling protests and calls for change

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Reader Talk: Y’all ready to go dancing?

The gist: Maybe. It depends when, where, if there’s a vaccine or if Lafayette gets its act together on wearing masks. We heard from 62 readers this week on our live music survey. The responses range (y’all got a lot of opinions), but for the most part what we’ve heard is things aren’t quite what they used to be. 

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Will Lafayette’s bike spike stick around after coronavirus?

Lafayette’s bike community is cautiously optimistic a recent surge in riders could lead to a more permanent growth in bike culture.

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With haircuts coming back, Lafayette’s salons are getting some bold styling requests

It’s hard to imagine Jacob Vincent ever questioned his calling. Standing behind the chair back at The Loft salon in November, he made quick work of my lank after-thought of a haircut, manipulating his shears with practiced confidence. When I saw my smart-looking finished cut in the mirror — an inverted bob, one of Vincent’s favorite styles — I assumed the person who gave it to me had been doing hair for a very long time.

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Virtual Festival gets international ovation

With the pressure ratcheted up, the Festival staff and community responded with admirable speed. Their work is garnering some national attention and applause.

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