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To taste paradise, head to this taco spot

You’re lounging in a hidden, green outdoor oasis with cold tequila cocktails and a breeze in the air. Are you at Guero’s in Austin? No, you’re in Downtown Lafayette!

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A real-life fairytale Illustrator Denise Gallagher prepares to publish her first novel at age 50 and show her work this summer at the Hilliard.

Just six years ago, Denise Gallagher was working in advertising, retiring as BBR Creative’s senior art director after 14 years with the company. She’s since made a name for herself as a go-to illustrator, finding collaborators near and far.

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Food summit organizers want to mend broken links in the food chain

The inaugural South Louisiana Food Summit aims to fix communication gaps among farmers, restaurants and policy makers over a two-day slate of site visits and panels.

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This 29-year-old is building a thriving kale chip enterprise in Acadiana From the horse farm farmers' market to 17 Whole Foods Market locations and counting

Taylor Stokes is expanding her product reach to 10 Whole Foods stores in Houston, with the hopes of eventually distributing her products regionally.

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Downtown Rising dreams big

Could a new, possibly-annual, ticketed concert series keep Downtown Lafayette on its ever-developing path? Gus Rezende and Social Entertainment think so.

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How swamp pop invaded the U.K. and stole Nick Lowe’s heart

Swamp pop took over the airwaves of 1970s London where it was loved and celebrated by English hitmakers like Nick Lowe, who performs in Lafayette this week.

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Scratch Kitchen opening farm-to-counter concept Downtown this summer

The new location will put a roof over Jamie Vickery and Kelsey Leger’s thoughtful but unpreachy approach to sustainable eating.

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Integrating Lafayette’s segregated history

Lafayette’s telling of its history has largely left out black perspective. Rick Swanson is trying to fix that.

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VISION 2020: Tear down the parish jail and courthouse to make room for Lafayette’s future

To regain the ground our economy’s lost, we need to take bold swings at projects with catalytic potential. That potential exists in a waterfall hidden under the parish jail and courthouse.

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The triumph of New Orleans, the tragedy of the Catholic Church. A conversation with Jason Berry.

Journalist Jason Berry can’t escape talking about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, not that he’s trying. In his latest book, City of a Million Dreams, he turns his attention to his native New Orleans, the other center of gravity in his work.

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How the punks are saving a folk art

Teaming up with the Center for Louisiana Studies, artist Chrysi Forton is saving Acadiana’s flyer art before it burns out or fades away.

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Celebrating 20 years, PACE comes full circle

Artist Ben Guidry’s first taste of Picasso was through PACE. Nearly 20 years later, he’s paying it forward as a teacher in the program.

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