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‘That’s how we roll here.’ Joel Savoy talks cultural mashed potatoes, curating Louisiana Crossroads and the trouble with tradition

Guest curator Joel Savoy closes out this Louisiana Crossroads season showcasing the other dimensions of Acadiana’s and New Orleans’ musical traditions.

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Alexander Books collects new stories for its second edition

New owners aim to make the beloved used bookstore a hub for Acadiana’s stories, identities and memories.

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They used to make gumbo with bear lard, and other conversations with author Ken Wells

In his new book, author Ken Wells weaves another chapter of gumbo apocrypha, charting a course through what he calls the “gumbo belt” to tease out the greater meaning of it all.

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Carpe Diem grows up

Wines, digestifs and intimate décor will tempt the after-dinner crowd to the Downtown staple.

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Old Dog, tasty new tricks

February marked the end of an era. Blue Dog Café announced its endless brunch did indeed have an end. Taking its place is a new menu akin to the lunch and dinner offerings that made their debut alongside the restaurant’s new executive chef, Ryan Trahan, last year.

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At the drawing table with Peter DeHart and Burton Durand

Among nearly 4,000 submissions, Lafayette polymath illustrators DeHart and Durand were named winners in Communication Arts Magazine’s 60th Annual Illustration Competition.

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Primo’s peppers will torch Tennessee on new Popeyes dish

As it turns out, Primo’s peppers didn’t need to hold the Guinness World Record to attract the attention of Popeyes.

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Funk, soul brother: Akie Bermiss talks about how he joined Lake Street Dive

Bermiss talks competition among music school geeks (or the lack thereof), joining a band on a never-ending tour and the ins and outs of defying musical categories.

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Cauchemar, Shaq and other Louisiana folklore: This year’s Krewe de Canailles marches on

This year, the parade without barriers gets an expanded route and a new theme: Louisiana folklore. Organizer Paul Kieu weighs in via email on local pronunciation, local folklore (Shaq), pho profanity and more.

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Gold recycled in reach

Jewelry maker JelLyn Morvant’s latest collection marries luxury and recycled goods, artistry and craftsmanship, earthiness and glam.

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Big Laughs, Little Lafs

In three years, Lafayette’s comedy scene has blown up and shows no signs of slowing

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In Thanksgiving: chicken pies for the soul

As Thanksgiving approaches, my aunts and cousins have lovingly resurrected my grandmother’s recipes as best they can, creating a meal that represents gratitude and honors her legacy.

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