Reflections on Race

Voices from the local Black community contemplate the primary challenges facing African Americans and how best to address them.

Reflections on Race: The sharecropping Fuseliers

Each February, we hear stories of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and other civil rights icons. We must also talk about trailblazers in our own families.

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Abram Freeman

Reflections on Race: Why don’t you love me?

The biggest threat to our country and to those of us who truly love the Lord are moderate Christians who refuse to speak up when wrong is done.

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Tina Shelvin Bingham

Reflections on Race: Will you be the change?

Being an African American leader in any community is an act of political warfare. We need many people willingly to begin a journey, knowing the path will not be easy. We need more activated leaders to help build and guide the actions needed to continue to advance our community.

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Reflections on Race: Where do we go from here?

It’s true that you’re as sick as your secrets, and because America has committed to silence and ignorance about this history, this cancer continues to ravish the entire body to this day.

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Stand Black co-founder Jamal Taylor

Reflections on Race: Will we stand together?

People in this city want what is right; however, their silence is complicity. We must move to mobilize their voices for the sake of this city. We must hear the silent voices of hurt, shame and embarrassment of what our city has become.

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