What should policing look like in Lafayette?

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Podcast: Kevin Blanchard talks deconsolidation

Some argue that breaking up consolidated government would liberate the city from an unfavorable political circumstance. Former journalist and Lafayette public works director Kevin Blanchard is in the camp. He says giving Lafayette a city council won’t fix what’s wrong with consolidation, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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Podcast: Downtown Lafayette and a city in transition

It’s clear that Lafayette is at a tipping point. In virtually every facet of civic life, we’re up against some kind of crisis. So what good does it do worry about Downtown?

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Podcast: Is Lafayette really a tech town?

Two big wins in the tech sector have folks once again talking about Lafayette’s arrival as a bonafide tech hub. Do these successes really mean that Lafayette is a tech town? Columnist Geoff Daily and editor Christiaan Mader talk it over.

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Podcast: Geoff Daily unpacks a $10 billion problem

A living room conversation with columnist Geoff Daily. He talks Lafayette’s dire economic situation, how we got here and whether we can get out.

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