Month: June 2020

News + Notes

LETTER: White friends, love is not enough

Every time something awful and important is happening in the world, I see them. They rise like unsightly blisters as I scroll through my social media: Let’s flood Facebook with POSITIVITY instead of NEGATIVITY! Or  Love everyone, even those who look different from you, pray different from you, and VOTE different from you. (Vote is almost always in bold.) Or  […]

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News + Notes

Parks & Rec employee put on administrative leave same week Boudreaux was pushed out

The gist: A Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department employee was placed on administrative leave the same week longtime Director Gerald Boudreaux tendered his resignation after a heated discussion with Mayor-President Josh Guillory the morning of June 2. The employee later returned to the office but has since been temporarily suspended.

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News + Notes

Coronavirus Updates: Louisiana staying in Phase 2; ‘We all need to do a better job’

In light of growing cases and hospitalizations, Gov. Edwards will not move Louisiana to the next phase of reopening. Rebounds across the state — and in Acadiana in particular — have derailed efforts to flatten the state’s curve and forced the pause.

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Business + Innovation

COLUMN: It’s time for Lafayette to take its housing crisis seriously

Lafayette is facing a severe housing crisis, with thousands of people at risk of losing their homes. This crisis started before the pandemic, but the coronavirus and its impact on our economy has just added fuel to a fire that’s now threatening to rage through our community.

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