Local Voices

Letters from readers on what matters in Lafayette.

LETTER: We cannot stand silent

The library is the front line. We at Acadiana Queer Collective cannot stand silently while it actively silences the voices of our siblings who stand in harm’s way.

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VOICES: How censorship came to Lafayette

The library’s Reconsideration Committees are now designed to ban any book anyone decides needs to go. It will remake the library as we know it.

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Vermilionville's front entrance

LETTER: Save the artisans, save Vermilionville

Vermilionville’s artisans survived multiple CEOs, museum directors, boards and mayors, along with their administrations. They are the voice of the village and what brings it to life. We must protect them.

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LETTER: Lafayette Parish library and economics

A strong library system is essential to the growth of Lafayette. So rather than shrink library services, the city-parish government and the library board need to sit down with industry, education, tourism, the arts, and law enforcement, and explain what the library does for each of them.

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News + Notes

LETTER: Standing up to Lafayette’s quiet racism

I have not attributed these statements to the people who made them, and there is one example that I cannot even include; it’s so unbelievable. If you recognize your own words here, I only regret that I did not act then and call you out.

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