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Our editorial mission is simple: to understand the people and forces that move Lafayette. We’re a digital-native publication — a wonk’s way of saying we were born on the internet and don’t have any print products — on a constant search for better ways to inform and inspire our readers. Our contributors are veteran journalists and dedicated citizens who are driven to get to the truth about Lafayette’s civic and cultural affairs. That means our journalism reports on broad areas of concern: politics, policy, development, business, art, music, food, technology and more. We’re non-partisan in that we make no endorsement of party or person, but we’re not lacking a point of view. The Current is a big-tent publication where ideas compete and assumptions are challenged (especially our own). In short, The Current is about Lafayette, where it’s been and where it’s going.


Executive Editor
Christiaan Mader

Managing Editor
Leslie Turk

Geoff Daily

Cory Birdsong

Art & Design 
Peter DeHart, Allison DeHart