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You’re nonprofit? Why?

We think the best journalism is done for public service, not for profit. More importantly, this approach creates community ownership. You can read more about why we went nonprofit here.

How are you funded?

About 400 recurring monthly members, a handful of major donors and some advertising. You can see a list of our major donors ($1,000+) here.

Is The Current a 501(c)(3)?

Not yet. The Current is pursuing 501(c)(3) designation. In the meantime, donations are processed through a nonprofit fiscal sponsor, AOC Community Media.

Are donations to The Current tax deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowed by law. Here’s that tax ID number for our fiscal sponsor, AOC Community Media Inc.: 72 0928450

Can I send a check instead?

Yes. Contact to arrange a check payment.

Can my business sponsor The Current?

Yes, please! Contact Christiaan directly at to discuss corporate membership and other ways you can support our work.


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