Healthcare workers, how are you?

This has been a long, difficult year, and it’s not yet over. Following trends nationwide, our community is staring down another surge of cases. The last one hit Acadiana pretty hard.

We’ve heard stories of burnout and triumph all year. Dealing with an exhausting, laborious disease is trying for both the patient and the caretaker, especially when patients number in the thousands.

With all that in mind, we wanted to check in with all you nurses, hospital workers, doctors, phlebotomists, receptionists, therapists, counselors — anyone who works in and around the medical field.

How are you feeling about the way things are going? What worries you? What doesn’t? What scares you? What gives you courage?

Take the survey below and vent. You can fill it out anonymously if you want. But we do want to collect responses for publication or to develop stories, so please be as candid as you can. Thanks for all you do!