Readers asked Kip Judice about his bid for City Marshal. Here’s what he had to say.

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Readers asked. Kip Judice answered.

JLynnTrahan asks: I saw on your website you would like to implement changes on who remains in jail for extended periods. IE: non-violent, traffic offenses, etc. Obviously overcrowding is an issue. So is tax payers funding to keep prisoners, so I find this could pose a good solution to a huge issue.  Could you elaborate on this, please? And my husband has a question: How will you handle repeat offenders of minor crimes? 

Kip Judice: By implementing a community service workforce for people who have committed misdemeanors and traffic offenses ,I will provide deputy marshals to oversee these offenders are complying with community service orders of the court. This will allow for immediate releases for these low level offenders. Thus saving tax payer dollars for incarceration and the offenders’ work will reduce costs for services that are provided (i.e. litter abatement, grass cutting, etc)

It is the duty of the Marshal to get individuals to court so that the city prosecutors and judges can determine the appropriate sentence for all offenders. As the Marshal, I will carry out the orders of the City Court Judges for one time offenders as well as repeat offenders. 

Dmmm9565 asks: What type an impact do you foresee the court text reminders you plan on implementing to be for the city court docket as well as the jail? 

Kip Judice: Many individuals that fail to appear in City Court, do so only because they have forgotten about their court dates. Implementing the text reminders will have a significant impact on those individuals. This will immediately have an effect of the number of people who will need to be incarcerated due to failure to appear. In other words, reducing the amount of people who will be part of the jail population.  I also have a plan that would reduce the number of incarcerations by way of community service in lieu of jail time for misdemeanors and traffic offenses. 

Crawfishgirl asks: What makes you the most qualified person for this position?

Kip Judice: I have 35 years of law enforcement experience which exceeds my opponents’ years of service. As a Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Deputy I have done each of the tasks that the Marshal is ordered to carry out. As Chief of Police of Duson, over the past 5 years, I have served as Marshal of Duson Magistrate Court. I understand the complexities of the system and I am ready to serve people in a professional and courteous manner.