Month: August 2022

Link to Lafayette Council to vote on audit, investigation of drainage projects (opens in new window)

The five-member City Council will vote on a resolution authorizing the audit and investigation, as well as an ordinance providing funding for an outside firm to conduct the operation, according to City Council Chair Nanette Cook. The move comes more than two months after Guillory refused to answer a list of questions about the projects submitted by Cook and other council members on June 7.

Source: The Advertiser

Link to Librarian defamation case to be heard this week in Livingston Parish (opens in new window)

The suit names Lafayette-based conservative activist Michael Lunsford and his organization Citizens for a New Louisiana, alongside another Facebook bomb thrower from Livingston Parish. The pair targeted a Livingston librarian with posts portraying her as a “pedophile.”

“Defendant Lunsford and Defendant CFANL have portrayed, and continue to portray, Amanda Jones as a criminal and a pedophile — one who supports dissemination of ‘pornographic materials’ to elementary school children,” the lawsuit alleges.

Source: The Advocate

News + Notes
Josh Guillory at a press conference in August 2022

Josh Guillory turns to side hustles for more income

Since his election, the mayor-president has taught classes at UL, formed two LLCs and obtained a license to produce title insurance, on top of processing expungements for clients — all in search of supplementing his income.

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