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This Lafayette attorney helps students in need attend UL

A girl receives a certificate at a podium in from of a group of people
Chesney Menard is one of four at-risk students awarded Pay It Forward scholarships in 2023

The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation was established in 1977 and has since maintained a reputation as one of Lafayette’s premier law firms. Becoming an advocate for thousands of injured people across Acadiana has afforded Glenn Armentor great success – success that seemed unfathomable to him in his early life.

Poverty, struggles with school, and a quick temper that sometimes landed him in trouble with the law made his future unclear. At just the right time, a handful of individuals stepped up to help Glenn carve a better path for himself. Determination for a better life motivated him to work offshore and put himself through law school to become the attorney we know today. 

Glenn never forgot the kindness of those who helped him rise to the challenge. Without their guidance and financial assistance, his career as an attorney may never have materialized.  He decided to repay their generosity by paying it forward. 

In 2010, The Glenn Armentor Pay It Forward Scholarship of Excellence was born. The $10,000 Pay It Forward Scholarship is given annually to at-risk students who have overcome incredible odds by displaying the spirit, work ethic, and character deserving of a chance at a brighter future. This year – Pay It Forward’s twelfth – four students were awarded $10,000 each to attend UL and study the major of their choice. 

Kylee Doré, Parrish Lopez, Chesney Menard, and Saxon d’Augereau have already accomplished so much despite the struggles life has thrown their way. The Pay It Forward Scholarship will allow them to achieve even more by placing them on the path to their dream careers.

Do you know an at-risk student in need of financial aid to pursue an education at UL Lafayette? Point them to for their chance to win The Pay It Forward Scholarship!

Watch this video to learn more about Glenn Armentor and the origin of Pay It Forward.