Christine Baniewicz

Christine Baniewicz is a queer writer, educator and theater artist from Louisiana, with bylines at The Rumpus, TruthOut and Southerly Magazine. She received her M.F.A. in nonfiction from the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans. She currently lives in upstate New York.

Acadiana Symphony Orchestra goes virtual in a season of chaos and uncertainty — for its musicians

This season’s REVIVAL theme is a musical balm for a community in pain and a much-needed effort to keep the symphony’s players playing.

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Living through Covid in Louisiana French

In interviews with Cajun elders, UL archivists explore the experience and expression of the pandemic in Louisiana French.

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Will Lafayette’s bike spike stick around after coronavirus?

Lafayette’s bike community is cautiously optimistic a recent surge in riders could lead to a more permanent growth in bike culture.

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With haircuts coming back, Lafayette’s salons are getting some bold styling requests

It’s hard to imagine Jacob Vincent ever questioned his calling. Standing behind the chair back at The Loft salon in November, he made quick work of my lank after-thought of a haircut, manipulating his shears with practiced confidence. When I saw my smart-looking finished cut in the mirror — an inverted bob, one of Vincent’s favorite styles — I assumed the person who gave it to me had been doing hair for a very long time.

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Does being the ‘happiest city’ give Lafayette the edge on coronavirus?

According to the prior findings of social scientists, Lafayette — once famously declared the “happiest city in America” — may be uniquely positioned to come out of all this with its social and emotional landscape intact.

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More victims, more severe cases, of domestic abuse during coronavirus lockdown

Acadiana women are turning to shelters for help in higher numbers and, in many cases, showing up with more serious injuries, counselors and shelter operators say.

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Coronavirus has Lafayette’s restaurant workers living on the fly

In better times, many servers and bartenders are forced to cut costs around healthcare, food, or rent. Setting aside money for savings is not often feasible.

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Hard Facts, True Stories, Real Talk

The sky settled down into an early May gradient of twilight colors over the statue of Confederate General Alfred Mouton, his arms crossed over his white stone chest. Across the street, crammed standing-room-only inside of The Hive’s black box theatre space, more than 50 people hushed as Dr. Rick Swanson took the stage. Swanson unfurled tables and charts, photos and […]

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Lost Boys And Strong Girls

A musical based on a novel co-written by humorist Dave Barry, Peter and the Starcatcher is fast-paced and funny, following the orphan Peter Pan before he becomes the flying, mischievous lost boy. But Starcatcher also introduces a new character to the Pan canon, the empowering female lead, Molly — Wendy’s precocious, brainy predecessor. The show makes its Lafayette debut in […]

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What You’ve Left Behind

CAST: Derek Joseph: 28, black, poetry student at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, N.Y. Christine Baniewicz: 28, white, nonfiction student at UNO in New Orleans, La. SETTING:  Your own mind. Also, later, Artmosphere.  I.  Derek enters your mind. He’s short, somewhere in the mid-5-foot range, with a distinctively powerful and peculiar presence, a mysteriously hypnotizing quality about him. DEREK: I […]

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Dominion, Distance And The Butcher’s Dilemma

Chanel was in the middle of a half-year cooking fellowship in Chicago when she phoned to tell me she’d just won a three-month butchery apprenticeship on an organic farm in rural Italy. A career chef just a couple years removed from the dawn of her vocation, she would leave me yet again, and less than a month after returning from […]

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