What should policing look like in Lafayette?

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Erin Bass

Sheltering the unsheltered amid COVID-19

How do you stay safe at home if you don’t have a home? That’s the question Acadiana’s shelters for people experiencing homlessness are struggling with right now. Lacking adequate healthcare, those who are unsheltered are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Local shelters are already at capacity, and more people are becoming homeless each day. It’s a public health problem, according to advocates. 

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Irma Trosclair makes her case

The interim Lafayette school superintendent wants to make her job permanent.

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The Real Housewives of Windsor

A local reimagining of Shakespeare’s catty comedy teases out low drama and reality TV trash.

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Monarch butterflies are wrapping up their annual pit stop in Lafayette

The butterflies migrate south through late fall, feasting on milkweed and other local flowers.

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Schoolhouse Baroque!

Lafayette Middle’s historic auditorium gets a second act playing host to New Orleans chamber ensemble Lyrica Baroque

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A real-life fairytale Illustrator Denise Gallagher prepares to publish her first novel at age 50 and show her work this summer at the Hilliard.

Just six years ago, Denise Gallagher was working in advertising, retiring as BBR Creative’s senior art director after 14 years with the company. She’s since made a name for herself as a go-to illustrator, finding collaborators near and far.

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Celebrating 20 years, PACE comes full circle

Artist Ben Guidry’s first taste of Picasso was through PACE. Nearly 20 years later, he’s paying it forward as a teacher in the program.

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Alexander Books collects new stories for its second edition

New owners aim to make the beloved used bookstore a hub for Acadiana’s stories, identities and memories.

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Primo’s peppers will torch Tennessee on new Popeyes dish

As it turns out, Primo’s peppers didn’t need to hold the Guinness World Record to attract the attention of Popeyes.

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