Christiaan Mader

Christiaan Mader founded The Current in 2018, reviving the brand from a short-lived culture magazine he created for Lafayette publisher INDMedia. An award-winning investigative and culture journalist, Christiaan’s work as a writer and reporter has appeared in The New York Times, Vice, Offbeat, Gambit, and The Advocate.
Link to Queen Elizabeth II brought closure to many Acadian descendants

More than two-and-a-half centuries after the deportation, it was Queen Elizabeth II who issued an official apology for her country’s actions. The proclamation, issued in 2003, acknowledged the “trials and suffering experienced by the Acadian people during the Great Upheaval” and expressed “hope that the Acadian people can turn the page on this dark chapter of their history.”

Source: The Advertiser

Link to City Council will take up vote to investigate Guillory 

A resolution initiating an investigation into the Guillory administration is on the agenda for Tuesday’s council meeting. The scope of the probe is wider than LCG’s drainage program, the original spark behind the City Council’s scrutiny, and would examine the mayor-president’s spending and use of public resources.

Source: KATC