2020 Lafayette Parish Ballot Proposition Guide — Runoff Ballot

An Oversimplified Guide to the 2020 Lafayette Parish Ballot Propositions

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PROPOSITION: City of Lafayette sales tax rededication (x2)

The gist: There are two different sales tax propositions on the runoff ballot, but they’re both essentially the same idea. They’re asking voters to allow LCG to have more flexibility in how it spends city sales tax money.

Here are the propositions in plain English: The city of Lafayette collects a 1 cent sales tax. Should it be allowed to spend a larger share of that money (45%) on regular government functions as opposed to projects like roads and bridges? 

Again, these are two separate propositions covering two separate 1 cent sales taxes. Right now, LCG can spend up to 35% of what it collects from those two taxes on regular government operations like salaries for police officers and electricity for recreation centers. These proposals would raise that cap to 45%. The rest goes to paying for capital improvements like roads, bridges and drainage projects. You can read more background about the taxes here.

Vote Yes: You think it’s smart budgeting to have more spending flexibility on government services.

Vote No: You think that money needs to be used on building new infrastructure as originally intended.