Columnist Geoff Daily explores Lafayette’s economy and government, providing critical commentary about what’s working and what’s not.

LUS Fiber drive thru service center

Column: LUS Fiber is in trouble

If you skimmed LUS Fiber’s annual report, you might think things are going great. But read a little deeper and a troubling picture emerges.

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aerial shot of downtown lafayette, la

COLUMN: Lafayette isn’t Abbeville or Austin, it’s a Big Town

The next couple of decades are going to be defined by the rise of Big Towns, communities no longer striving to be the next Austin but instead the next Chattanooga, Greenville, Sioux Falls — or maybe even the next Lafayette.

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Line chart increasing until arrow breaks

Column: Boomtown isn’t booming

Federal data shows Lafayette’s economy is behind a billion dollars. We can’t afford to be complacent.

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Large piggy bank broken with a piece laying on a person

Column: Parish government can’t afford its politics

The mayor-president and council think the parish doesn’t need more tax revenue. They’re making the same costly mistake we’ve made for decades — in the name of politics.

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Mayor-President Josh Guillory

COLUMN: How Guillory has fallen short

Lost in accusations of corruption is a more basic accounting of the mayor-president’s performance. In short, he doesn’t measure up.

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