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A man stirring a pot on a stove

Fix food insecurity: Make red beans

After a year and a half of dishing out red beans every Monday, As Cool As Beans has served over 1,700 hot beans to Lafayette residents.

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Louis Perret looks at voting machines

Fix democracy: Become a poll worker

Voting is the lifeblood of our democracy, and it happens at the local level. By signing up to become an election worker, your small contribution can have a major impact. (Did we mention you get paid?)

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Customers shop at Fightinville Fresh

How to be a Hub Citizen

Introducing The Current’s guide to making a difference.

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Illustration of using a magnifying glass to examine charts and graphs

BRIEF: What’s in LCG’s capital plan?

This year’s budget includes dozens of projects worth $419 million over the next five years. Here’s how it works and what’s in it.

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How should LCG spend your money?

LCG’s budget is a vision statement and an action plan. What matters then, is what we believe our priorities should be. What are yours?

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Man celebrates where Mouton statue was

How Lafayette commemorates Juneteenth

Organizers say the spirit of Juneteenth is one of unity, an opportunity for all to commemorate a milestone in the struggle for freedom and equality, take stock of enduring injustices and celebrate the contributions of the Black community.

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