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Link to wwno.org With Louisiana abortion law in limbo, these groups are giving out Plan B for free  (opens in new window)

Reproductive health advocates are working to make sure people know the option is still here, and are trying to make it easier to get — an effort they see as especially urgent in the post-Roe world.

But they worry that emboldened anti-abortion legislators may come for it next, especially because of a longstanding misconception that the pill may cause abortions.

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Link to theadvocate.com Judge sides with Louisiana clinics in fight over ban, keeping abortion access alive for now (opens in new window)

Nineteenth Judicial District Judge Don Johnson ruled Thursday in favor of abortion providers who sued the state, arguing the state’s laws banning abortions at all points in pregnancy are too vague.

He granted a preliminary injunction blocking the ban. The decision marks a win for abortion rights advocates, who have fought to keep abortion clinics open through the legal challenge.

Source: The Advocate

Link to lailluminator.com Restraining order blocking Louisiana abortion ban to stay in place, judge decides  (opens in new window)

A state district judge in Baton Rouge will keep a temporary restraining order in effect while the court considers whether Louisiana’s abortion ban is legal.

Judge Donald Johnson issued his ruling Tuesday that prevents Attorney General Jeff Landry and the state health department from enforcing the state’s abortion prohibition.

Source: Louisiana Illuminator

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Abortion rights protestors

Louisiana bans abortion after Supreme Court ruling

In Louisiana, abortion is now illegal in almost in all cases. State law only allows for exceptions if pregnant woman’s life is in danger from a physical illness or a pregnant woman could otherwise sustain “serious, permanent impairment of a life-sustaining organ.”

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