What should policing look like in Lafayette?

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Acadiana Center for the Arts

How to plan a performing arts season during a pandemic — Q&A with AcA’s Clayton Shelvin

AcA’s talent buyer talks the challenges of planning for the unexpected and how to attack the notion of the performing arts as a “white space.”

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The Real Housewives of Windsor

A local reimagining of Shakespeare’s catty comedy teases out low drama and reality TV trash.

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Susan David wants you walking on eggshells. Well, crushing them, actually.

The Lafayette artist’s latest show, an installation of thousands of eggs, will end in a big, satisfying crunch.

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Your guide to the Haze Craze at Gulf Brew 2019

This year it’s all about the haze. Juicy IPAs, sometimes called hazy IPAs, are the obvious trend across Gulf Brew’s offerings. The fruity, bitter, potent brews are great summer options for hops lovers.

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A Medusa for #metoo

In her new show at AcA, Bosnian artist Lala Raščić, has remade Medusa, giving mythological the monster a second act as a feminist hero.

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How the punks are saving a folk art

Teaming up with the Center for Louisiana Studies, artist Chrysi Forton is saving Acadiana’s flyer art before it burns out or fades away.

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Celebrating 20 years, PACE comes full circle

Artist Ben Guidry’s first taste of Picasso was through PACE. Nearly 20 years later, he’s paying it forward as a teacher in the program.

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‘That’s how we roll here.’ Joel Savoy talks cultural mashed potatoes, curating Louisiana Crossroads and the trouble with tradition

Guest curator Joel Savoy closes out this Louisiana Crossroads season showcasing the other dimensions of Acadiana’s and New Orleans’ musical traditions.

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Funk, soul brother: Akie Bermiss talks about how he joined Lake Street Dive

Bermiss talks competition among music school geeks (or the lack thereof), joining a band on a never-ending tour and the ins and outs of defying musical categories.

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Gold recycled in reach

Jewelry maker JelLyn Morvant’s latest collection marries luxury and recycled goods, artistry and craftsmanship, earthiness and glam.

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The Band is back

Two dozen Lafayette musicians revive their detailed reenactment of The Band’s farewell concert doc, The Last Waltz

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In focus: Southern Screen

The annual Lafayette film festival expands its format to tell more stories, through cinema and beyond.

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