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Private contractor tapped by Guillory lacks license to install security cameras in Lafayette

The gist: Crime Fighters of Louisiana, the private entity contracted to provide security cameras for Lafayette, was issued a cease-and-desist letter from Louisiana’s fire marshal for failing to secure a license required by state law. What this means: The company, owned by Lafayette businessman and law enforcement booster Brooks Bernard, can’t immediately execute on a cooperative endeavor agreement it quietly […]

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Lafayette City Council members still in the dark over security camera contract with local businessman

City Council members are questioning the mayor-president’s justification for signing a controversial security camera contract with a private company without their knowledge or approval but remain unsure how they might use the various remedies at their disposal.

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Guillory contracts private firm to deploy surveillance cameras; council out of the loop

The contract licenses Lafayette police to use the camera footage for “law enforcement purposes” only but appears to place no such restriction on the firm, which will own, maintain and operate the cameras — and the data it collects.

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