Clay Higgins

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Holden Hoggatt, a Lafayette attorney, will challenge Rep. Clay Higgins this fall. The challenger appears poised to make Higgins’ erratic behavior a campaign issue, while measuring up his own credentials as a staunch conservative. Higgins’ last Republican challenger was Josh Guillory, whose failed 2018 run nonetheless built a platform for his successful campaign for mayor-president.

“I am running for Congress because we need a leader in Washington D.C. that we can actually be proud of,” Hoggatt said in a statement. “Leaders in our communities encouraged me to run because they agree with that.

Source: The Advertiser

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Lafayette City Court building in downtown Lafayette

Shaq, U.S. Rep. Higgins no longer Lafayette reserve deputy marshals

The gist: Lafayette City Marshal Mike Hill has winnowed down the number of his office’s reserve deputies — which had swelled to about 60 under his predecessor — to but a handful. Hill has called in the commissions of nearly 50 reserves who appear to have been deputized for no other reason than political patronage.

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Trump and LAGOP formally back Higgins’ re-election, spurred by Rudy Giuliani’s earlier endorsement of challenger Josh Guillory

▸ The gist: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a top surrogate and personal attorney for President Trump, stirred up national palace intrigue when he endorsed upstart Republican challenger Josh Guillory’s run against incumbent Rep. Clay Higgins. In response, Trump and the Louisiana GOP officially endorsed Higgins. Giuliani made an appearance in Lafayette this week to raise funds for Guillory

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