Robert Judge

Link to Lafayette citizen removed from library board meeting (opens in new window)

Melanie Brevis, co-founder of Lafayette Citizens Against Censorship, was reading a prepared statement during the public comment section of the meeting when Robert Judge, the board’s chair, informed her she was “out of order.”

Two Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s deputies, who were paid security at the meeting, approached her and escorted her out of the meeting.

Source: KATC

Link to Library likely broke Open Meetings Law in bid to fire Lafayette librarian (opens in new window)

North Regional Library Branch Manager Cara Chance survived an attempt by Library Board of Control President Robert Judge to fire her at Monday’s meeting after Judge accused her of “willful insubordination” over a teen romance book display that included titles with LGBTQ storylines.

But the board’s actions at Monday’s meeting appear to violate the state Open Meetings Law since the agenda did not give the public notice that the board would take action on Chance’s employment.

Source: The Advertiser