Hey Lafayette: Let’s celebrate small businesses and nonprofits for SOLA Giving Day

Buying local has always been a message that’s easy to get behind. After the last year, it’s become a higher stakes call to action. The pandemic gave us a glimpse of what life would be like without the hundreds of local shops, restaurants and community organizations that make Lafayette hum. 

Even as things are getting better, we know the struggle is still real. But y’all got a lot of hustle. Over the last year, Lafayette showed what resilience looks like. And we want to celebrate that achievement and shine a light on the locals that got us to this point. 

Let’s Keep It Local, y’all

Our Keep It Local campaign is a way to pay it back and pay it forward. We’re donating free “ad” space to local businesses and nonprofits during SOLA Giving Day. If you make a donation to The Current of $100 or more, you can secure a shout-out for a local operation you love on our website and our newsletter, which reach thousands of Lafayette’s most committed and engaged residents. 

For contributions of $500 or more, we’ll even craft a sponsored feature on the local favorite of your choice. 

AmountWebNewsletterSponsored Post
$100+1 week
$250+1 week1 week
$500+1 week1 week 

Keep It Local is about, well, local businesses and nonprofits. And we’re trying to target small operations with the campaign. We’re not putting limitations on it, but keep that in mind when you sign up. 

Here’s how to get involved

This is a small token of appreciation. As a local nonprofit, our success so far has come from your support. Paying it forward by celebrating other locals and nonprofits is another way of celebrating what makes Lafayette a wonderful place to live. And that’s you.