Council Preview: $1 million for Heymann Park; service contracts with Youngsville and Broussard

Looking under LCG's hood

Here is a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the City and Parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below:

  • Parish Agenda (Public Comment Time!)
  • City Agenda 
  • Joint Budget Hearing (Aug. 4) –  Drainage; Transportation, Public Works

Lafayette 101
Water politics

Access to LUS water and wastewater services, both city-owned utilities, is a premium for residential and commercial development. Sending water outside of Lafayette has contributed to rapid growth in other municipalities and in the past was the subject of serious political dustups.

Parish Council

Final Adoption

Intergovernmental agreement with Youngsville for Bonin Road Project. This ordinance authorizes an agreement with Youngsville to share the costs of improving Bonin Road. The estimated cost to the parish is $605,000.


Intergovernmental agreement with Broussard for maintenance. This ordinance authorizes LCG to help maintain Broussard roads and drainage infrastructure. Broussard will reimburse LCG. 

$2 million for the Milton Water System. This ordinance appropriates American Rescue Plan funds for the Milton Water System. If passed, the Parish Council will have to amend the upcoming budget to remove at least $1.25 million from the mayor-president’s proposed ARPA projects.

City Council


LUS water service outside city limits. This resolution approves LUS water service for a commercial property at 108 Galbert Road. LUS must seek approval by resolution to provide water service to addresses outside of Lafayette city limits. Properties outside of city limits don’t pay city property or sales taxes, but they pay a higher rate for water.

Final Adoption

$430,000 transfer from drainage to roads. This ordinance transfers $250,000 from a completed drainage improvement to the Urban Asphalt Overlay/Reconstruction Project and $180,000 to the Highway 89 Widening Project.


Steiner Lofts. Developers have appealed to the City Council to overturn the planning commission’s denial of their development plan. The project won majority support on the commission, which was shorthanded for the meeting, but fell short of the required number of votes to pass.


$16 million for the University Avenue Corridor. This ordinance adopts $12.5 million from the Federal Highway Administration and approves $3.5 million in local match. It also declares this project a public necessity, which authorizes the acquisition of land either amicably or through expropriation. This first phase involves three tracts on University Avenue north and south of Willow Street. The second phase of this project will ultimately include improvements to the intersections at Cameron Street, Madeline Avenue and Willow Street.

Joint Items

Final Adoption

Chevron donating land in Beaver Park. This ordinance authorizes the acquisition of 1 acre of land on the Vermilion River in Beaver Park via donation.

$1 million for Heymann Park. This ordinance adopts $750,000 in state funds and the required local match of $250,000 for improvements at Heymann Park. Because the state dollars are allocated to the parish, the item is up for joint approval.

Intergovernmental agreement with Broussard for La Neuville Road Project. This ordinance authorizes an agreement with Broussard to share the costs of improving La Neuville Road. The estimated cost to the city and parish is $201,280.


No significant items


Lafayette Animal Care Center Advisory BoardParish CouncilMust be a registered voter and a resident of Lafayette Parish
Downtown Management CommitteeCity CouncilMust own immovable property or a business downtown


Lafayette Parish Waterworks District South BoardParish CouncilTodd Guidry
Downtown Management CommitteeCity CouncilPatrick Trahan
Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service Board (2x)City CouncilKenneth Boudreaux, Alterman Jackson, Jennifer Jackson, Angela Morrison, L. Wayne Prejean