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Asset Structures: Why they’re important when hiring an attorney

Man in a suit and red tie looks over paperwork in a lawyer's office

When searching for an attorney, the process requires more than simply scrolling through Google reviews. There are many things to keep an eye out for that will help you make the right choice when it comes to legal representation. One of the most crucial is a solid asset structure – whether your case is personal injury or otherwise. The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation has a well-established and stable asset structure that comes with over 45 years of experience, and we’re here to help you understand which assets to expect when hiring a law firm. 

Experience is one of the main assets that is an absolute necessity when searching for an attorney to represent you. The first thing you should ask any attorney is how many cases like yours they’ve tried and won. At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, we have taken cases to trial, we’ve settled, we’ve mediated. Helping our clients decide which route will yield the best results is a huge part of our job, and it’s of the utmost importance that we’ve had success in whichever route they choose to take.

On top of experience, specializations are another asset to consider. Just like you would see a medical specialist for a specific injury – a podiatrist for a broken ankle or a gastroenterologist for stomach pain – the same specializations exist within the practice of law. For example, each of our attorneys at The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation specializes in a different area of personal injury, such as medical malpractice, auto and 18-wheeler accidents, and workers compensation, to name a few. Hiring an attorney who has only tried automobile accident cases will not help you get results in your workers compensation case. The same goes for whichever area of law pertains to your case.

There’s another asset that people often overlook when choosing a lawyer: being an active part of the local community. The law firm you choose should absolutely have strong roots in the community where your case is taking place. If your attorney knows the local doctors and judges and is familiar with other attorneys in the area, it serves as a huge advantage to your case. Not to mention, if that attorney has a great reputation in the community as a local activist and contributor, you can be secure in your choice to hire them. Our attorneys at The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation have all resided in Lafayette and the surrounding Acadiana area for many years, and each has a unique relationship with the community.

The last asset you should expect may be a rare one, but it will benefit you more than you know if you’ve been injured due to an accident. A law firm that has an in-house investigation team can have an enormous impact on the outcome of your case. At The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, we have an investigation team that you can call to the scene of the accident. They’ll help take important photographs and statements, as well as advise you on best practices. The combination of great investigators and lawyers who optimize the findings of that investigation create top-tier results.

In the words of Glenn Armentor, “It is the assets that are earned through effort over decades that make a difference in getting things done for clients.” So, next time you find yourself looking for an attorney, keep the above tips in mind – and if you’re injured in an accident and need legal counsel, know that The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation is standing by to answer your questions at 337.233.1471.