Council Preview: Nurse raises proposed, City Court move revisited

Here is a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the City and Parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below:

Lafayette 101
Public Health Unit

Lafayette Parish’s Public Health Unit is a taxpayer-funded clinic that offers certain healthcare services – including cancer screenings, immunizations and pregnancy care – to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Parish Council

Final Adoption

No significant items.


Nurse raises. The Parish Council will consider raises for a handful of nurses at the parish’s Public Health Unit Tuesday that would raise their pay by an average of about $13,750 a year to between $74,000 and $82,000. The move comes after the council failed to reverse Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s veto of a plan to slightly raise the public health property tax despite urging from Public Health Director Dr. Tina Stefanski to use the additional funds to raise nurse pay. Instead, the raises are coming from a small pool of funding for services related to COVID-19.

ACA equipment. The Parish Council will also give an introductory review to plans to use $300,000 from the now-rededicated CREATE millage to replace aging LCG equipment at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. The CREATE millage was rededicated by voters in 2020 to instead fund fire protection in rural parts of the parish, and the $300,000 on deck to go to the ACA would wipe out the remaining funds that were collected before the rededication.

City Council


City Court move. City Councilwoman Nanette Cook is asking the Guillory administration for another update on the proposed relocation of City Court to the Lemoine building Downtown after LCG’s appraisal came back at $2.2 million more than the $6.4 million list price that the building sat at for months. The proposed relocation is part of Guillory’s push to see through a deal with Rock ‘N’ Bowl owner Johnny Blancher to turn the existing City Court site into a 200-unit mixed-use development at a key Downtown location, though the council has been skeptical of the deal. 

Heymann Park. City Council Chairman Glenn Lazard is asking the Guillory administration for an update on the Heymann Park overhaul that has been in the works for more than a year. Initial plans for the park’s revamping included new housing units and an amphitheater, both of which were questioned by residents when they were unveiled. The overhaul made waves when it was announced in spring 2022, but news about the project has been sparse since then. 

Final Adoption

New signal. The City Council will vote Tuesday on Councilman Andy Naquin’s plan to spend up to $250,000 to add a traffic signal to the intersection of Congress and Marie Antoinette streets near Lafayette High School. Marie Antoinette is frequently used as a connection between Congress and Johnston streets, and its intersection with Congress is a regular choke point for traffic, particularly during congested school arrival and departure times. The council’s vote on this item was deferred on Nov. 27 to Tuesday’s meeting. 

Moore Park. The council will also vote on the Guillory administration’s request to declare the overhaul of Moore Park near University Avenue a public necessity, which would allow Guillory to make agreements, spend money and even expropriate property. Plans include renovating nine of the park’s soccer fields and adding parking in currently-vacant areas in a $15 million bid to increase Lafayette’s sport tourism industry. Guillory’s administration said at the council’s Nov. 27 meeting that the measure was needed to acquire land from LUS, but the council asked for more info and rescheduled the vote to Dec. 5.


No significant items. 

Joint Items

Final Adoption

No items. 


No significant items.


1817 N Saint Antoine StreetJoint councilsSale of adjudicated property to adjoining landowner [Resolution]
100 Block of Town Homes DriveJoint councilsSale of adjudicated property to adjoining landowner [Resolution]
Planned council actions related to property, such as rezonings, annexations and disposition of adjudicated properties


Lafayette Parish Waterworks District North BoardParish CouncilApplicants must reside
with the Lafayette Parish Waterworks District North boundaries
Lafayette Public Innovation Alliance Board (three seats)Parish CouncilNone listed
Parish Planning and Zoning CommissionParish CouncilNone listed
Downtown Development AuthorityCity CouncilNone listed
Evangeline Thruway Redevelopment TeamCity CouncilNone listed
City Planning and Zoning CommissionCity CouncilNone listed
Lafayette Science Museum Advisory BoardCity CouncilNone listed
Heymann Performing Arts Center BoardCity CouncilNone listed
Applicants must be residents and registered voters of Lafayette Parish. Resumes should be emailed to [email protected] by noon on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023.


Lafayette Public Innovation Alliance BoardParish CouncilJeremy Monts
Lafayette Mayor-President’s Awareness Committee on Citizens with DisabilitiesParish CouncilNicole Flores (incumbent)
Lafayette Convention & Visitors CommissionParish CouncilChris Alack, Ben Baudoin & Darnell Sikes
Lafayette Convention & Visitors CommissionParish CouncilAnne Gros, Ricky Patel & Beau Schaffner
Lafayette Mayor-President’s Awareness Committee on Citizens with DisabilitiesMayor-President Josh GuilloryKatherin Thomas
Lafayette Parish Waterworks District South BoardCity CouncilGus Boulanger
Downtown Development AuthorityCity CouncilScott Chappuis, Collin Cormier & John Petersen