What should policing look like in Lafayette?

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Christie Maloyed

Christie Maloyed is an associate professor of political science at UL Lafayette.

Special session roundup: Business interests notch big wins as legislators assert independence

The Legislature staked out an independent course this session, calling itself into special session that produced policy wins for business interests

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Tight for time, Louisiana Legislature tackles ‘tort reform,’ medical marijuana, gun rights and more

While lacking time, the Legislature nevertheless managed to push through several notable bills. Among them long-sought wins for business interests and the beginnings of change to Louisiana’s jungle primary.

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COLUMN: With slight expansion of absentee balloting, Louisiana will test pandemic voting on low turnout primaries

Louisiana’s emergency election plan only applies to the July and August elections, though it could serve, if needed, as a foundation for an emergency plan for the November presidential election.

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The Trump effect, the city/rural divide and Lafayette’s 2019 election postmortem

The 2019 election season is officially under wraps, showcasing hard-fought campaigns and matched enthusiasm among voters. Here’s a breakdown of the results.

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COLUMN: A post-primary postmortem

Christie Maloyed unpacks what went down during the jungle primary and what’s to come in the runoff.

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COLUMN: Where do the candidates agree?

It’s cliché to say that there is more that unites than divides the candidates. But reflecting on some of those points of unity is important.

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Polarization is coming home to Lafayette

Our politics has historically been more personal than partisan. This election cycle will put that trend to the test.

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What does a parish government do, anyway?

With the parish playing second-fiddle for so long, the separation of the councils provides an opportunity for Lafayette to consider the role of parish government moving forward.

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The rise of the independent voter?

Elections are more partisan than ever, but voters, not so much. Amid the culture wars and partisan bickering, more Americans than ever before are abandoning official party labels. More than 40% of all Americans now identify politically as independents. If 2018 was the “Year of the Woman,” could we see a “Year of the Independent” in our near future? In […]

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The ongoing battle for local autonomy

The timeless battle over autonomy is at the heart of several ongoing debates at the council level, heard earlier this month. The controversy is simple: Does Lafayette want the state involved in our local politics?

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When dedicated taxes lock up options

Voters demand flexibility and quick responses, but representatives are hamstrung in their ability to divert dedicated funds.

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Consolidation was about money. Fixing it is about democracy.

That appeal to basic American principles is an about-face of the economic pragmatism used to justify consolidation in the first place. First they wanted to save money. Now they want to save democracy.

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