Nathan Stubbs

Nathan Stubbs is a freelance writer and a former restaurateur.

Louisiana production crews, left gigless by the pandemic, are rebuilding hurricane-ravaged Lake Charles

Stage hands have been among the obscured economic casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several local crews are now finding a home in helping with the logistics of rebuilding disaster-stricken Lake Charles.

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At Vermilionville, a reckoning with cultural exclusion

Vermilionville has made strides in presenting a more comprehensive portrayal of the Acadiana’s history. Change at the museum, however, is a work in progress.

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BVD Commissioners resign in dramatic flare-up over proposed George Floyd statement

A message of unity ran into procedural roadblocks put up by the now-departed commissioners, culminating with a contentious June meeting marked with irate outbursts.

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72 hours of panic, paranoia and painting through a pandemic

A false positive on a coronavirus test sets off a chain reaction of confusion and panic for contributor Nathan Stubbs. Tests might now be abundant but clarity remains in short supply.

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Virtual Festival gets international ovation

With the pressure ratcheted up, the Festival staff and community responded with admirable speed. Their work is garnering some national attention and applause.

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Some local retailers are not ready to ‘Safe Shop’

Despite a surge of re-openings under the local “Safe Shop” policy, some Lafayette retailers are opting to keep their doors closed for now

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Freetown’s freelancers cope with pandemic porch life

Populated with so many of Lafayette’s musicians, artists, cooks, bartenders and gig workers inexorably tied to the local cultural economy, routine life in Lafayette’s Freetown neighborhood is upended.

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Surviving coronavirus with grace and gravy

While coronavirus wreaks havoc on the restaurant industry, Acadiana’s iconic plate lunch houses persevere as tight-knit family businesses with strong neighborhood ties.

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Randy Daniel’s dream was realized in February; 3 weeks later, COVID-19 flipped the script

One month after re-opening La Pizzeria, Randy Daniel suddenly found himself laying off 22 of the 23 hourly employees he had just hired.

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Portrait: Scott Feehan

Last November, Festival International’s executive director nervously stood before a crowd of TV cameras and reporters. Unfortunately, the purpose of this press conference wasn’t to announce any big-name musical headliners, or the new theatrical additions to this year’s Festival, or shower praise on community partners for Lafayette’s biggest public event — then just six months away. Rather, Scott Feehan had […]

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