Link to Judge sides with Louisiana clinics in fight over ban, keeping abortion access alive for now

Nineteenth Judicial District Judge Don Johnson ruled Thursday in favor of abortion providers who sued the state, arguing the state’s laws banning abortions at all points in pregnancy are too vague.

He granted a preliminary injunction blocking the ban. The decision marks a win for abortion rights advocates, who have fought to keep abortion clinics open through the legal challenge.

Source: The Advocate

Link to Lafayette Council authorizes Guillory to seek private partner for jail

The Parish Council voted 4-1 on a resolution giving the first-term mayor-president authority to develop partnerships for up to 40 years at $10.5 million per year, provided the council has final authority to spend any money.

AB Rubin, the lone Democrat, voted against.Guillory announced plans to seek a public-private deal to build a new jail in a short video released Monday night.

Source: The Advertiser

Link to Mayor-president announces public-private partnership for new Lafayette Parish jail

The resolution authorizing the mayor-president to seek a deal with a private financier is before the Parish Council Tuesday night. M-P Josh Guillory said the approach could pay for a new jail without new taxes.

Guillory said he is asking the Parish Council to approve a resolution supporting a plan to replace the aging Lafayette Parish Correctional Center without raising taxes.

He is proposing a “public-private partnership model” which “does not call for the privatization of the jail. This will not be a private prison.”

Source: The Advertiser

Link to Clay Higgins faces surprise GOP challenger, but party endorses incumbent

Holden Hoggatt, a Lafayette attorney, will challenge Rep. Clay Higgins this fall. The challenger appears poised to make Higgins’ erratic behavior a campaign issue, while measuring up his own credentials as a staunch conservative. Higgins’ last Republican challenger was Josh Guillory, whose failed 2018 run nonetheless built a platform for his successful campaign for mayor-president.

“I am running for Congress because we need a leader in Washington D.C. that we can actually be proud of,” Hoggatt said in a statement. “Leaders in our communities encouraged me to run because they agree with that.

Source: The Advertiser

Link to More climate action needed to curb Louisiana, U.S. emissions

While the country is not expected to halve its emissions as hoped, Louisiana is nowhere near being on track to meet emission reduction goals laid out in Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Climate Action Plan.

The state’s Climate Action Plan aims for a 26-28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2005 levels by 2025, and 40-50% by 2030. But emissions aren’t budging.

Source: The Advertiser