One Big Project

19 Ideas to Transform Lafayette

Here’s how nonprofits would use Lafayette’s slice of the American Rescue Plan Act to make our community better.

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ABL Community Reach Out

The Problem Southwest Louisiana has the highest population of DeafBlind citizens in the United States due to Usher Syndrome. Blindness is also prevalent due to high rates of Diabetes and Retinitis Pigmentosa. The community of Lafayette should be educated and made aware of the needs, rights, and abilities of this disability group. Isolation and lack […]

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Northside Innovation and Business Hub

The Problem Access to affordable turn key commercial spaces and learning opportunities on the Northside. We seek to provide a space for local businesses to sell and develop their products and community to have access to a space to learn new skills that will help propel their lives and start ups in to the future. […]

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The Problem This initiative is designed to assist the elderly in Southwest LA with exterior painting, minor repairs and roof replacement. The Project We will help the elderly in Lafayette, Louisiana with home repairs including exterior painting, minor repairs and roof replacement. This initiative will include professional painters and prep, volunteer painters, paint and supplies. […]

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The Problem The problem of non-availability of decent rental housing that serves very low- to moderate-income families who are experiencing a rent burden and/or over crowded facilities in a very limited supply rental market where low income households are priced out. The Project To develop 2 two-bedroom units to serve up to 2 low- to […]

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The Problem SUN WELLNESS CNTER will provide services within the jurisdiction of Lafayette Consolidated Government. SUN wellness Center is a centralized preventative resource center designed to address underlying health issues via early intervention, information dissemination, prevention, chronic disease therapy, vision of wellness, exercise, and behavioral health. The goal is to reduce the number of citizens […]

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Building and Developing Communities

The Problem We help finance new construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable homes and rental housing. We will solve the problem of inadequate, blighted and non-existent affordable housing in Lafayette. The Project Rebuilding houses on the Northside of Lafayette. To alleviate blight. To provide the citizens of Lafayette with safe, sanitary, secure and affordable housing. […]

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Acadian Brown Cotton – Preserving the Past and Creating the Future

The Problem Locally, the problem is best described by our Governor John Bel Edwards. “Louisiana’s rural communities are the lifeblood of our state. Their natural resources feed and fuel the world, yet their citizens bear a disproportionate burden of poverty and lack of adequate access to healthcare,  education, broadband and other essential needs. Our work […]

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T.E.A.C.H. (Technology, Employment, Adjustment, Community, Home)

The Problem Prior to COVID-19, the American Foundation for the Blind indicated that approximately 70% of adults who are Blind and DeafBlind are unemployed or underemployed. Since the pandemic, the problem has worsened. Several concerns exist including being afraid to use public transportation safely, social distancing and relying on touch and tactile information. In all […]

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Convenience Centers

The Problem Currently, in Lafayette Parish, we have an issue with illegally dumped items. That means large mattresses, washers and other bulky items that citizens dump for various reasons. This type of dumping is harmful to our environment as well as our landscapes. While those that live in the city of Lafayette do have a […]

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Lafayette Fresh Food Initiative

The Problem Nearly half of the city of Lafayette residents live in census tracts that the USDA has designated as a “food desert”—where low incomes and little access to sources of fresh food can lead to health issues, hamper economic development, and contribute to a lower quality of life. The food desert covers most of […]

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The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

The Problem   This past year has been unprecedented, and we have witnessed local girls cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, learning loss, mental health decline, and isolation. As we push forward to create a new normal, girls need Girl Scouts more than ever. And the world needs more Girl Scouts. As an organization, Girl Scouts […]

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Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

The Problem COVID has forced parents of children with disabilities, caregivers and individuals with disabilities to take extraordinary precautions to protect themselves, many leaving the workforce. This compounded historically higher levels of unemployment for households with a member with a disability. Despite barriers, COVID introduced workplace accommodations that help balance caregiving, employment, and productivity. Our […]

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A Demonstration of Strength in Unity

The Problem The Lafayette community is multiculturally rich and is poised for greatness with innovative ideas and people who are passionate about matters that are important to the community as a whole. However, our efforts are disjointed and, therefore, weakened to the point of ineffectiveness. Promoting diversity in its truest forms, is the first step […]

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Hearts of Hope Center for Sexual Trauma

The Problem The COVID-19 crisis has emboldened perpetrators of sexual violence. Sex offenders are using the pandemic to gain or renew access to victims, intimidate survivors into silence, and interfere with survivors’ attempts to seek safety and justice. Sexual assault survivors report their trauma is amplified by quarantines, economic pressures, and fears for the future. […]

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From Sacrifice to Support – Transitional Housing Complex for Veterans

The Problem Ever since there has been the United States Armed Forces, there have been soldiers and sailors that come back home and fall on hard times; not just mentally or physically but financially as well. All too often do these hard times lead to veterans becoming homeless, with no ability or resources to transition […]

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Young Leaders of Lafayette

The Problem The Cycle Breakers Coalition’s mission is helping to break the cycles of poverty, incarceration and trauma through programs providing mentoring, conflict resolution skills, character development, survival skills, leadership training and more. Lafayette Parish has a high percentage of families who struggle to afford basic necessities: housing, food, child care, health care, and transportation. […]

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Paving the Polls for Early Voting Souls

The Problem The 2020 elections saw the culmination of an effort by LWVLFT to secure a second early voting site for Lafayette at the MLK Jr. Multi-Purpose Center, but COVID made ensuring safe elections a necessity. The success of the new site was marred by one factor—the quality of the pavement. The Center is located […]

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Ochsner Lafayette General Mobile Medical Unit

The Problem COVID vaccine hesitancy in rural areas is a major barrier that public health practitioners, and healthcare providers need to address to achieve vaccination equity. Disparities in COVID vaccination between urban and rural communities can hinder progress toward ending the pandemic. Health practitioners should continue collaborating with government officials, healthcare providers, community based organizations, […]

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Multi-Agency Emergency Shelter Solution

The Problem ARCH’s collective mission is to ensure that everyone in Acadiana has access to decent, affordable, stable housing and that all episodes of homelessness are rare, brief, and non-recurring. Unfortunately, due to COVID, multiple hurricanes, and other economic issues, many people in Acadiana are hurting. There has been a significant increase in homelessness and […]

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About One Big Project

This is a platform for nonprofits to show Lafayette’s councils and the public how they could use American Rescue Plan Act funding to address the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Submissions were open from Sept. 20 to Oct. 15, and the projects we received are displayed above and were forwarded on to the city and parish councils