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Girl Scout Luna Bowles stands next to the newly installed Communication Board, a large colorful board with numbers 0 though 9, the alphabet and words like "hungry", "thirsty" and "tired".

Girl Scout brings nonverbal Communication Board to Moncus Park

As a part of her Girl Scout training, fifth-grader Luna Bowles spearheaded the effort to get an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Board at Moncus Park. The board, designed to support children with diverse communication needs, allows them to express themselves while they enjoy the playground.

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Lafayette label embraces cassette tape’s unexpected comeback 

Citronel Sounds, a new Lafayette company, is empowering artists to embrace the DIY spirit through the humble cassette tape. Citronel operates not only as cassette producers, but also as an accessible record label working to record and promote new artists.

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Vintage market owner Devin Bijeaux stitches Lafayette a little closer together

In 2018 people in the United States threw away over 11.3 million tons of used textiles, which was 66% of all textile production that year. Devin Bijeaux, owner of Voodoo Vintage market, is putting a dent in that waste by encouraging upcycling and curating a space for clothing resales.

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