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BRIEF: What’s in LCG’s capital plan?

This year’s budget includes dozens of projects worth $419 million over the next five years. Here’s how it works and what’s in it.

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How should LCG spend your money?

LCG’s budget is a vision statement and an action plan. What matters then, is what we believe our priorities should be. What are yours?

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Man celebrates where Mouton statue was

How Lafayette commemorates Juneteenth

Organizers say the spirit of Juneteenth is one of unity, an opportunity for all to commemorate a milestone in the struggle for freedom and equality, take stock of enduring injustices and celebrate the contributions of the Black community.

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How Lafayette can show up and show Pride

Bringing everybody together is what Pride Acadiana is about. And there are plenty of ways to show up and show pride, during Pride Month and year round. Here’s how to get involved.

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Drainage projects in Lafayette Parish

Here’s a map of Lafayette drainage projects 

Moving at a breakneck pace, LCG has dozens of drainage projects in the works. It’s an immense capital program by local government standards, racking up a bill worth well over $100 million. We mapped them.

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Moussa Sadou

How to make Festival International last forever

Ready to take your love of Festival to the next level? Here’s how to support Festival International and give back to an event that gives so much to Lafayette.

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