How should LCG spend your money?

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Every year, while Lafayette goes on summer vacation, LCG figures out how to spend our money. 

It’s easy to tune out of the annual budget process. From introduction to adoption, the process takes three months and churns out a booklet hundreds of pages long that charts out how to spend $600 million. 

Forget all that. What it all comes down to is priorities. 

LCG’s budget is a vision statement and an action plan. And how much we spend on public safety, infrastructure, recreation, housing, healthcare and more spells out what our community wants to be. 

What matters then, is what we believe our priorities should be. 

What matters to you? If you could write LCG’s budget, what would be your top priority? Why? 

Use the form below to tell us what you think. Don’t know your city and parish council districts? Find them here

We’ll collect answers over the next few weeks and create a Community Agenda for the 2022 budget. For now, don’t sweat the small stuff. Think big and tell us how our leaders should spend your money.