Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS)

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League of Women Voters members run a registration drive

Lafayette public schools pause campus voter drives

State law now requires public schools to offer voter registration on campus, but prohibits political groups. Lafayette school officials want the secretary of state to weigh in on who is, and who isn’t, partisan.

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Link to More Chromebooks than students (opens in new window)

Louisiana schools used federal coronavirus relief to buy up thousands of tablets for kids to use during the pandemic and beyond. Many school districts have more tablets than kids enrolled. Lafayette Parish, for instance, has 40,000 Chromebooks for its 31,000 students. Connectivity, however, remains a big problem. Not every family has home access to the internet. Mississippi used CARES Act allocation to address that problem directly and was pretty successful at it.

Link to What to do with $1 billion in school aid for Louisiana? (opens in new window)

December’s coronavirus stimulus included $1 billion for schools in Louisiana. Districts across the state are working the windfall into their plans, with most using the money to address learning loss. Lafayette Parish schools will use its $37 million allocation for ” academic recovery, student services and personal protective equipment,” according to The Advocate.