Council Preview: paying for pay raises, Girard Park rezoning, Coca-Cola redevelopment, and daiquiris delivered

The charter amendments dominated public debate over the course of three council meetings in 2018. Photo by Travis Gauthier

Tuesday is the City-Parish Council members’ second-to-last meeting ever, and they’re not phoning it in. Here’s what on the agenda for Dec. 3. 

Hate your trash service?

You’re not alone, so contractor Republic Services will give a presentation on its efforts to improve service at the request of Councilwoman Liz Hebert. The trash contractor has been under fire for the last few months.  

How do we fund all those pay raises?

To help pay for the millions in pay raises approved by the outgoing council, Councilman Jared Bellard has proposed zeroing out the budget for every unfilled job in consolidated government. Several departments, like public works, budget for fewer employees than they need, but nevertheless have vacant positions that count against LCG’s budgeted expenses. Bellard’s proposal would free up money not currently being used but lock in existing staffing levels. It’s up for final adoption. 

City may loan $1.5 million to redevelop the old Coca-Cola bottling plant

Council members Pat Lewis and Bruce Conque have proposed that the city of Lafayette loan up to $1.5 million to the developer behind a plan to redevelop the old Coca-Cola bottling plant into artist lofts as part of a plan that could ultimately also redevelop the Less Pay Motel. The proposed loan carries a 45-year term with a 0% fixed interest rate. The city would receive interest payments only if the development is profitable. The loan would also be unsecured with the city in third lien position, meaning city taxpayers are third in line to be paid back in the event of a default.

Girard Park Drive rezoning pulled from final vote

Lafayette General had been pushing to get land it owns along Girard Park Drive rezoned to allow for the construction of a 140-unit apartment building and medical office space, but that has been pulled from its rezoning request. It’s still asking for approval to rezone property at the corner of Hospital Drive and Coolidge Street from heavy commercial to mixed commercial.

Want your daiquiris delivered?

Then hope for passage of new rules setting the framework for allowing companies to get permits to deliver alcohol without you having to leave the comforts of your house or office or wherever you’re trying to get your drink on that doesn’t already serve alcohol.