Conversations with Lafayette's creators of food, music, art and more

Current Creators: Brandy Cavitt

Q: What’s it like being an artist in Lafayette? 

A: I am so reluctant to call myself an artist, even though I know I technically meet the definition. I don’t think that’s unique to Lafayette, but it’s sometimes intimidating to create in a city when you are in SUCH good company. Acadiana as a whole has been incredibly good to me, my business, and my fellow creators. We have an awesome community of musicians, writers, painters, designers, photographers and mediums I can’t even list because there are too many to count. This is my home, so I may be partial, but I feel like this place is more alive and humming with creative energy than most. 

Q: What inspires your art? 

A: I’m a student of simplicity and elegance. I love everyone from Aileen Bennett to Blake Lagneaux to The Oatmeal to Mignon Faget to Ralph Lauren. I love classic, timeless, clever design. Occam’s Razor. Less is d-d-definitely more. 

Q: What’s your favorite medium to work with?

A: I am a graphic designer, so my medium is RGB light. I love taking pictures, and I especially adore editing them. I paint sometimes (acrylic on canvas), but my medium for work is a Pantone swatch book, a mouse, a digital tablet and a really big screen TV. 

Q: What would you like others to know about you and your art?

A: Commercial art is a little bit different than art for art’s sake. It’s a true collaboration with your clients, which probably sounds like a nightmare to a classical medium artist. You have to be a conduit for their creativity, but you can’t just break the rules of design because they want you to. Some things are not negotiable, so the art form becomes more about communication and expectation management. 

Q: Is there something you’re currently working on?

A: I’m so excited. I’m actually working on three new logos, and that’s my absolute favorite thing to work on! 

Q: Where can locals see your work?

A: I really enjoy being behind the scenes. I don’t advertise, and I don’t really like showcasing my work, as crazy as it sounds. My portfolio is nowhere near up to date. Word of mouth has been my meat and potatoes for nearly four years in business for myself. In real life, I am a super awkward person, but I’m proud that my work is all over Acadiana. I’ve been doing this for 15 years in either a freelance or full-time capacity. There’s nothing like driving through Scott and seeing my logo and my flag design everywhere. Working with Mayor Jan Scott Richard and his team was a blast. I recently got one of my invitations to Christmas at Coteau in the mail. It’s always about the work and what that work means to my clients and their bottom line. I have one of the coolest jobs in the world.  

Q: If you could travel back in time and meet one person, who would it be?

A: Before all this graphic design stuff materialized as a real career option, I was a part-time musician with a deep affinity for old country music. I’d love to sit and sing and play songs with Keith Whitley. He was a musician’s musician.