Here’s what you’re voting on May 4, Lafayette

Photo courtesy Teche Vermilion Water District

The gist: There are two tax renewals on the May 4 ballot — one that supports pumping fresh water into the Vermilion River and the other pays one-third of the sheriff’s budget. May the fourth be with you.

Please, for the love of the force, go vote.

Both taxes are renewals, NOT increases. Below is the gist of what they fund. You can find out how much taxes will cost you using The Current’s Civi Millage Calculators embedded below. You'll need to know the market value of your property, which you can find here.

Visit the Secretary of State’s website to see your ballot and find out where to vote. A sample of the ballot you’ll see in the booth is available there, too. Follow this link.

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  1. like the calculator. that puts into real terms for voters.

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    1. Christiaan Mader May 4, 2019 at 9:24 am

      Thanks! We felt like the way the media tends to talk about property tax is too theoretical. The math is just too easy to not solve that problem for voters.

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