Here’s how to help out with Hurricane Laura from Lafayette

Photo by Leslie Westbrook, courtesy The Acadiana Advocate

Looking for ways to help out with relief and rebuild efforts after Hurricane Laura can be overwhelming. If you want to pitch in but have limited time or resources, here’s a list of local organizations where you can donate supplies, money or volunteer to help our friends who were impacted by the devastating storm. 

United Way of Acadiana

United Way is coordinating several ways to help, along with Acadiana Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster:

Foster the Love Louisiana

In addition to helping those still in Lake Charles, Foster the Love Louisiana is distributing to evacuees in Alexandria and New Orleans. 

Catholic Charities of Acadiana

Catholic Charities of Acadiana is assisting in emergency response but also long-term recovery efforts.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and Democratic Socialists of America SWLA

DSA SWLA and Mutual Aid Disaster Relief have partnered to provide a two-way street of collecting supplies and resources and collecting requests for help from families in need. They’re not only helping people in Lake Charles but also Elton, DeQuincy, Pecan Island and other small communities. Rural communities are often among the last to  get assistance.

Asbury United Methodist Church

The church is hosting a distribution site for the Louisiana United Methodist Disaster Recovery agency and accepting donations from other Methodist churches outside of the area and the state. So if you have long distance friends wanting to help, this is a good place to start. 

Community Foundation of Southwestern Louisiana

The Community Foundation of Southwestern Louisiana is focused on helping with immediate needs such as food, shelter, medications, etc. 

The705 and Better Business Bureau

The young professionals organization is coordinating with families of members who’ve been affected by Laura. Efforts will continue as more requests for help come in. 

  • Drop off food and other supplies at the Better Business Bureau at 4003 W Congress Street, Lafayette

Keller Williams Realty Acadiana

If you want to drop off supplies, this realty company is collecting supplies to run to Lake Charles to assist in roof and debris clean up. 

  • Drop of supplies at 100 Asma Blvd in Lafayette

Foundation for Louisiana

Foundation for Louisiana is a Black-led foundation launched in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and focuses aid on small or marginalized communities. 

Is your organization coordinating relief efforts? Send details and to [email protected]